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A collection of my writing, fiction and non, since 2016.

Xsolla - Technical Writer, Editor, Copywriter - Jan 2020 - Present

Writer, Editor, and Copywriter for 20+ games industry B2B articles since January 2020.

Here are a few published samples of my work:

  • Community Management: Why you need it, and how to make it work.
  • Where to release your game to multiply success.
  • Early Access: Will it help or hurt your game?
  • Which game engine is best for you.
  • Early Access: Will it help or hurt your game?
  • Where to find assets for your game.
  • Xsolla Partner Network’s influencer compensation options.

  • Odd Stories & Fantastical Tales - Screenwriter

    I wrote four completed horror/science-fiction screenplays for the upcoming television show "Odd Stories & Fantastical Tales" produced by Vancouver FX

    Each screenplay was written for a runtime of 12 minutes, with up to 5 different actors on screen at once and included beats, camera movements, and acting directions.

    Scripts currently under NDA.

    Short Stories - Author

    Wrote and published short horror and science-fiction stories on online forums, their narrations amassing over 200,000 views across numerous platforms: YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud, and others. Here are a few narrations done by Mr.CreepyPasta and Mr.Creeps on YouTube:

    Original story:

    Original story:

    Original story:

    Science-Fiction writing prompt response:

    Northern Pirate Radio - Segment Host

    Scripted and hosted over 20 weekly "Video Game Corner" radio segments for Northern Pirate Radio in Alberta, Canada

    Slickster Magazine - Video Game Journalist

    Wrote multiple game industry articles and game press coverage/reviews for Slickster Magazine's blog, website, and physical print runs. Worked with publishers, PR companies, and independent studios to write and release content around press embargoes and release dates.

    Fidget (Student Film) - Director

    Wrote the script for and directed the student film "Fidget". Watch it here: