Projects & Work

Video Game Since season 9!

Apex Legends

Feature owner on Respawn's Apex Legends. Responsible for leading QA teams, testing efforts, and narrative support.

Engine WIP


A lightweight, JS-based narrative design engine for text adventures. Responsible for design and development. Web.

World Building In progress

Into the Tanglewood

An expansive low fantasy TTRPG setting experienced through the co501 engine. Responsible for world building and art.Print/Web.

Video Game Shipped!

The Wishing Tower

A narrative-based art game about post-apocalyptic folklore and storytelling. Responsible for gameplay, art, UI, and story. PC.

Narrative Design Library Finished!


My own script-driven branching dialogue system, made from scratch using the MVC pattern in GMS:2.

Video Game Shipped!


A cooperative & vindictive spin on Pong in a spacepunk setting. Responsible for all gameplay, UI, and art. PC/Web.

Video Game Shipped!

Cobbler's Paradise

Shipped an idler centered around a mysterious Cobbler Shop locked in perpetual darkness. Did the art, UI, gameplay design. Web.

UI Library Finished!

Phaser 3 UI Library

A responsive library I built for the Phaser 3 game engine. Makes UI work across PC and Mobile resolutions using anchor points.

Game Design Finished!

Corrupted Tic Tac Toe

Welcome to Corrupted Tic Tac Toe! The new, fun way to play Tic Tac Toe. A study in game design.



A collection of my short stories, screenplays, and other texts over the years.


Legacy Game/Work Projects

A collection of my retired game and work projects over the years, that didn't make the front page.

What I Do

Interactive Media

Besides traditional game projects with branching narrative, I've written a number of other interactive media pieces ranging from short films to mobile story experiences.

Passive Media

I've written short stories and films, screenplays and radio shows, and a slew of other passive, static media over the years.

Game Development

Godot, GameMaker Studio 2, and Unity are my tools of choice. With numerous completed game projects under my belt, I'm not only adept at makin' em, but love doing so.

Tools & Web Development

Self-hosted solutions, web based B2B tools, automated workflows, game libraries, and low-level Linux solutions are all tooling projects I've completed.

Communication & Collaboration

From managing a 2-person development project (I was one of them!) to multiple teams both internal and remote, I've made sure projects were finished to their fullest potential.


I've worked in digital marketing since 2016, working with TEDx and large corporations to small startups.

Education & Awards

SFU School of Interactive Arts and Technology

Major: BSc in Interactive Arts and Technology

Concentration in Interactive Systems


SFU Faculty of Applied Sciences' Rembrandt Robotics Competition

2nd Place Award

Designed and built a 7DOF robotic arm, capable of drawing complex shapes with image processing and 3D space plotting.

November, 2017

Lumohacks Hackathon

Best Hardware Hack Award

Designed an Arduino controlled therapy lamp and developed accompanying software that analyzed one's sleep patterns and tailored an artificial sunrise to treat Seasonal Affective Disorder


BC Skills Web Design Competition

1st Place Award

Constructed a multi-page website with no access to external resources or reference (offline).

April 2016

About Myself

I'm a recent graduate from SFU's School of Interactive Arts and Technology, with a love for imaginative, stylistic, and empathetic narratives. In addition to screenwriting and student projects, I’ve also written for, developed, and designed 2 commercial titles, 3 independent games, and a number of ongoing in-progress works.

Having worked in small independent teams and studios, I’ve had the opportunities to explore the gamut of game development and wear the many hats the industry comes with. I've used my skills in screenwriting, short story writing, and narrative design to bring compelling interactive stories and experiences to life. Along with my writing experience in television and games, I've designed and developed a script-driven, scalable, and branching narrative system for games, capable of rendering arbitrary amounts of dialogue choices, story branches, script lines, and interactable/scriptable characters.

Additionally, I have 4+ years in web development and programming, which lends itself well to learning new technologies in a technical environment. Writing for both traditional and interactive fiction has taught me much about the caveats of each discipline, and has reinforced the importance of a well written narrative.

In addition to my experience, my degree in Interactive Arts and Technology will allow me to do my work in accordance with all relevant design principles and practices. My previous experience in leadership positions has taught me the essential soft skills to work well in a team dynamic, and the autonomy of working alone.

If you're seeing this, I'm looking for work!

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